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Bruce's Creek Waterfront on a Slope Corner Lot:
Before & After

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Gallery 8 - A Corner Lot: Before and After

This new homeowner had a great idea; landscape this bare corner lot with Florida native plants! In the following photos you will see the before and after transformation. Now the landscape is a warm and peaceful draw for the home's residents and visiting birds and butterflies. Native plants in the landscape include Oakleaf Hydrangea, Gallberry, Scrub St. John's Wort, Pinewoods Dropseed, Walter's Viburnum, Winged Elm, Simpson Stopper, Elliott Love Grass, Rosinweed, Fakahatchee Grasses, Rain Lilies, Ocala Anise, Coontie, a diversity of wildflowers and more!

Remember to click on the small photos below to see larger high resolution images and for details about the work that was done. Plant details are included with the "after" photos. Check our "Native Species" page for these and many more available plants.