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Full Line of Organic Garden Supplies:

Wilcox Nursery supplies Sustain brand certified organic fertilizer for larger jobs, as well as Alaska brand natural organic fertilizers for the smaller garden. We stock a full line of organic pest controls and products, including Espoma natural fertilizer products.

Note: Fertilizer run-off is a major cause of water pollution and degradation in our lakes, bays and ponds. This includes all natural bodies of water, including Boca Ciega Bay and Tampa Bay. Wilcox Nursery encourages you to be responsible with all fertilization and pesticide use. Low grade, soil building natural organic fertilizers are a step in the right direction. Reduced pesticide, water, and fertilizer use is also encouraged by the use of Florida native plants, evolved to grow under natural conditions for our area.

Florida Native Plants: (Please click "Plants" above for details and availability)

Wilcox Nursery stocks a full retail line of Florida native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. Plants include representatives of most of our natural habitats which reflect the habitat or habitats representative of the original conditions of our urban properties.

Do you know the original habitat your property was situated in? To work with nature in your landscape, you should! Please know that native plants, like any, must be selected to match the environmental conditions of your property. Native plants provide the best basis for wildlife gardening with native flora and fauna having evolved in tandem and interdependance.

We can provide you with assistance with the best choices of plants and design for attracting and supporting life in your garden. Endangered species of plants and creatures are both tied to habitat loss; we can no longer afford lifeless, vanity gardens! Please consider the ultimate in xeric (xeriscape) landscaping; choose a properly selected Florida beauty.

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Specialty Products:

Wilcox Nursery is your neighborhood source of utility and decorator pots, fountains, benches, garden art, potting soil, bedding plants, books about wildlife gardening, native plants, herbs, vegetables, rose gardening and more! Come in and see for yourself!


Rain Barrels: Conserve pure rain water with Rain Barrels available for purchase at Wilcox Nursery. Tandem barrels are also available for keeping larger catches of nature's liquid gold.

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Pine Straw Bales: Florida's premier native mulch! Long lasting, washes away the least, and looks natural.

Pine Bark Nuggets: A by-product mulch stocked in crushed, mini nugget, and regular nugget. A very handsome, long lasting, dressy mulch. (Available in 2 cubic foot bags.)

Florimulch: An environmentally friendly choice. Don't help destroy Cypress Forests; leave them for our descendants! Use Florimulch instead of Cypress Mulch. This is the mulch cited by Dr. Duryea with the University of Florida as the least likely to be used by termites. It is a by-product of land clearing that provides a net reduction of a pest tree (Melaleuca). Eucalyptus farms use productive land for farming of the Eucalyptus product, an unnecessary activity. Besides being economical, Florimulch makes the preferred choice to the Eucalyptus alternative. (Available in 2 cubic foot bags.)

Herbs, Vegetable and Select fruiting plants:

Wilcox Nursery is your local neighborhood source of seasonally select herb, vegetable and fruiting plants.

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