Wildflowers will offer striking beauty to your landscape, and attract a plethora of bees and butterflies for a landscape that feels more alive.

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  • Ageratina


    Ageratina jucunda Size: 1 gallon

    A lovely addition to wildflower and butterfly gardens

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  • Azure Sage

    Azure Sage

    Salvia azurea Size: 1 gallon

    Admired for its intense blue flowers and remarkable xeric qualities

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  • Balduina


    Balduina angustifolia Size: 1 gallon

    Its showing yellow flowers adds pop in wildflower or butterfly gardens.

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  • Beach Mistflower

    Beach Mistflower

    Ageratum littoralis Size: 1 gallon

    A tidy and nice looking plant for landscape or pots.

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  • Beach Verbena

    Beach Verbena

    Glandularia maritima Size: 1 gallon

    Lovely clusters of purple flowers look stunning in landscape and wildflower beds or pots.

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  • Bear's Foot displaying large leaves and sunny flowers

    Bear’s Foot

    Polymnia uvedalia Size: 1 gallon

    A large but dynamic large wildflower that tolerates lower light conditions than most wildflowers.

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  • Black-eyed Susan blooming beautifully

    Black-eyed Susan

    Rudbeckia hirta Size: 1 gallon

    This iconic wildflower completes your naturalized area, wildflower meadow, cottage garden, or native plant garden.

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  • Blanket Flower

    Blanket Flower

    Gaillardia pulchella Size: 6 inch pot

    Perfect for tough growing areas that less drought tolerant plants fail in.

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  • Blazing Stars with strikingly beautiful purple flowers

    Blazing Stars

    Liatris spp. Size: 1 gallon

    This extraordinary purple wildflower attracts butterflies and bees

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  • Blue Eyed Grass (purple form) displaying purple flowers

    Blue Eyed Grass

    Sisyrinchium angustifolium Size: 1 gallon

    Great edging plant for moist to wet sites.

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  • Cardinal Flower with dynamic red flowers

    Cardinal Flower

    Lobelia cardinalis Size: 1 gallon

    Perfect showy wildflower in the edge of ponds or streams.

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  • Cutleaf Coneflower with flowers

    Cutleaf Coneflower

    Rudbeckia laciniata Size: 1 gallon

    Works well in borders, meadows, cottage gardens, or native plant gardens where a tall wildflower is desired.

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  • Cutleaf Primrose in summer bloom

    Cutleaf Primrose

    Oenothera laciniata Size: 1 gallon

    An annual plant to enjoy in the warm months.

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  • Deer Tongue

    Deer Tongue

    Carphephorus paniculatus Size: 1 gallon

    Group in clusters of 6 or more for better impact with the flowers.

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  • Deer Tongue

    Deer Tongue

    Carphephorus paniculatus Size: 1 gallon

    Group in clusters of 6 or more for better impact

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  • Dotted Horsemint

    Dotted Horsemint

    Monarda punctata Size: 1 gallon

    Incredible bee balm with minty aroma to plant and showy flowers.

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  • Downy Phlox

    Downy Phlox

    Phlox pilosa Size: 4 inch pot

    Great addition to hot, sunny gardens!

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  • Downy Phlox displaying pretty blooms

    Downy Phlox

    Phlox pilosa Size: 1 gallon

    Great addition to hot, sunny gardens!

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  • Elephant’s Foot

    Elephant’s Foot

    Elephantopsis elatus Size: 1 gallon

    Large lower leaves can form a nice ground cover if plants are massed

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  • ElliottÕs Aster

    Elliott’s Aster

    Symphyotrichum elliottii Size: 1 gallon

    One of the best asters for butterflies and other pollinators

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