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Are you looking to bring your landscapes to life? Do you want to encourage and invite Florida’s natural fauna and create a delightful oasis of thriving activity? Or do desire a tranquil and serene environment that restores and rejuvenates your being? Do you want a landscape that is the talk of the neighborhood? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we can definitely help. Browse through our completed projects below to get valuable ideas that helps further envision your own landscape project.

Landscape Designs and Installations

Butterfly Gardens

Planting a butterfly garden is a great way to beautify your yard and help attract many of the colorful butterflies found in Florida. Most butterfly gardens are also a magnet for hummingbirds and beneficial insects. Oh, and how about being part of the Monarch migration? A productive butterfly garden does not require a large land area—even a few key plants can make a huge impact and deliver real joy.

Florida Native

Florida native landscapes consist of plants that exist naturally in Florida’s ecosystems. While becoming established, native plants require some measure of care, including supplemental irrigation, trimming, weed control, mulch, and perhaps occasional fertilization with an organic. But after that, these plants thrive without much attention since they are in their natural habitat.

No Irrigation

These plants are opportunistic water users, making use of rain-water when available, a survival technique. You’ll have to adjust your growth rate expectations to be more in rhythm with the seasons. Some plants that can take the water deprivation include bromeliads and sabal minor palms.


Coastal landscapes are simple, they flow and their design speaks volumes by enhancing the natural beauty of their location. The natural beauty brings inspiration to the design by using mass plantings, grasses and shrubs that move freely in the ocean breeze. Coastal landscapes are meant to look natural and contribute to the overall atmosphere of life close to the sea.

Woodland Landscapes

Gardening for Songbirds

Native Potted Plants

The creation of a beautiful and enduring landscape can create a great sense of peace and contentment. Let us work together to build your vision for your sense of place, for you to enjoy for many years to come. Look no further and get started today by calling us at 727.219.9549 or fill out our online form to schedule your design consultation.


Now that it is starting to sink in, I am realizing the yard looks like no other in this area. I feel like I am driving into a beach park when I get home. And that's before I see the back yard. That is exactly the feeling I was hoping for. And the plants are still babies! Thank you again so much, with Jason's contribution, for the stunning design, and to Jason, Ky and Alex for its implementation. I couldn't be happier.
Rick S.
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