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Learn About the Many Landscape & Design Services We Offer

Our landscape and design services are creative, functional and friendly to the ecosystem. Wilcox Nursery & Landscape is dedicated to providing a high level of expertise, knowledge, and satisfaction that far surpasses your expectations. You will enjoy our process, from the project scope meeting, all the way to final presentation. And we make sure that each project delivers an enhancement to our natural Florida heritage.

Learn About Our Landscape Design

Wilcox Nursery & Landscape offers full-service landscape design for residential, commercial, community and municipal projects. If you are seeking a landscape design to lift your project to the next level in both form and function, we are the team for you. There is no project too small or too large, too simple or too complex, for our team of landscaping design experts. We will delight you.

Create Nursery Installations that Stand Out

If you are seeking full-service landscape installations from experts in Florida Native landscaping, you owe yourself a conversation with Wilcox. Whether we complete the full installation, partner with you, or consult as you do it yourself, you will find the experience both delightful and educational as we bring your new landscape to life.

View Our Other Landscape Services

Learn about our array of supplemental landscape services to ensure your every need is met. In addition to landscaping, we can help restore and renovate almost any outdoor area to bring nature, beauty and wildlife to your outdoor space. We can create pollinator or butterfly gardens, and we can even restore a water feature that is stagnating or choked with overgrowth.

Why Choose Wilcox Nursery

Wilcox Nursery & Landscape is comprised of a team of dedicated individuals whose passion for landscape and landscape design is apparent with each project we deliver. We will offer you an experience that is both personalized and stress-free… and dare we say it: Fun! We merge our love of Florida’s natural heritage with your vision to deliver landscape designs and installations that are unique, environmentally beneficial and extraordinary to behold.

The creation of a beautiful and enduring landscape can create a great sense of peace and fulfillment. Let us work together to build your sense of place, of which you can enjoy for many years to come. Look no further and get started today by calling us at 727.219.9549 or fill out our online form to schedule your design consultation.