Policy and Pricing Documents

Planting and Watering Guide

Our planting and watering guide has important information about proper planting techniques, watering guidelines, maintenance expectations and warranty information.

Nursery Planting and Watering Guide.docx

Tree Installation Agreement

Want to see our tree planting pricing and policy? Download our guide here!

WILCOX NURSERY Simple Installation Agreement and Guidelines

Native Plant and Landscaping Resources


Guide for Choosing Native Plants

This guide from the Florida Wildflower Foundation features over 125 wildflowers, shrubs, vines and grasses that are native
to Florida and work well in home landscapes. It has detailed information about each plant based on light exposure, soil moisture, bloom color, and more!

Guide to Choosing Native Plants

Designing a Hedge with Native Plants

This guide outlines the basics of creating a successful hedge planting using native plants.

Designing a Hedge with Florida Natives


This guide discusses the benefits of swale systems and rain gardens and how to get started with one.

Bioswale Handout

Monarchs and Milkweeds

This comprehensive guide talks about the harm that non-native milkweeds cause and the benefits of native milkweeds.

Monarchs and Milkweeds

Great Wildflowers for Shade

Try these recommendations from the Florida Wildflower Foundation for shadier yards!

Wildflowers for Shady Landscapes

Florida Native Plants for Bees

Looking to attract bees to your landscape? Try these plants!

Native Plants for Bees PDF

Gardening for Birds

Looking to attract birds to your landscape? Our quick guide details how to plan your landscape to support them and what plants to start with.

Gardening for Birds

Wildflowers for Dry Landscapes

Try these recommendations from the Florida Wildflower Foundation for your dry landscape!

Wildflowers for Dry Landscapes

Pollinator Pots

Limited space? Still want to attract wildlife? Try a pollinator pot!

Pollinator Pots

Trees: A Keystone to Life as We Know It

Keystone plants are imperative to the health of our ecosystems; what better way to sustain them than planting them in your landscape! 

Keystone Trees PDF

Sabal Palm Pruning

There are misconceptions about proper palm care, specifically Sabal Palms and the so called “Hurricane Cut”. Read our handout to learn why this is incredibly detrimental to your palm!

Sabal Palm Pruning PDF