Commercial Landscaping

Landscape DesignCommercial landscaping has a unique set of challenges, but many can be mitigated with the use of hearty, native plants. The greatest concerns for most organizations are expenses, aesthetics, liability.

  • Expense: Maintenance, installation/reinstallation of plants (durability/permanence), plant required materials (mulch, fertilizer, water, etc.).
  • Aesthetics: “Curb appeal,” overall theme of design that works for that location, seasonal changes, etc.
  • Liability: Avoiding injury from slips, falls, plant hazards (thorns, stinging insects, etc.), chemical dangers, security challenges (hiding places in the landscape/cover for criminal activity), etc.

The Benefits of Native Plants

Landscape Design

The use of native plants can significantly reduce water and chemical use (fertilizer and pesticides) in landscapes.

This can be a strong marketing point for existing and potential tenants or residents to the area.

This can be a strong marketing point for existing and potential new residents to the neighborhood or area. These changes are more than just aesthetic, and proper understanding and marketing of the desirability of native plant focused design can provide an “exclusivity” which will differentiate progressive properties from the masses of uninformed projects existing today.

Limit Chemicals, Limit Liability

Landscape Design

Vastly reduced use of chemicals reduces both expenses and potential short or long-term liability issues. New research seems to be indicating very harmful effects not just to animals but also humans (Glyphosate, etc.). Improperly adjusted watering devices are not only wasteful but by applying water to traffic (pedestrian, bicycle or auto) areas create hazards which have resulted in legal consequences. Utilizing native plants reduces the frequency and intensity of chemical and water usage which also reduces not only the expense but the personnel/resident interaction thereby lowering potential liability.

Native Plants Make Sense (and Save Dollars!)

Landscape Design

1. Native plant oriented landscaping significantly reduces the amount of water, fertilizers and other chemicals needed saving money.

2. Native plants foster local conditions which encourage the return and proliferation of pollinators and birds which create a more desirable living landscape.

3. Native plant landscaping creates a more natural, realistic Florida effect which stands out from the crowd of poorly selected and implemented landscapes ubiquitous throughout Florida and therefore brings recognition, status, and a sense of place to the property.

4. Native plants are much more resilient and can handle adversities such as drought, storms, cold, etc. reducing the need for expensive replacement or excessive maintenance.

5. While the upfront costs of retrofitting a landscape to a native plant palette can be significant the overall expense reductions, not to mention all the other benefits, will result in relatively short payback periods with generous savings.

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