Arnold Rutkis
Landscape Designer

Stoneshovel designs is the brainchild of Arnold Rutkis. He likes to approach every project from a fresh perspective whether it’s adding to an existing landscape, introducing edible landscape elements into a garden, or creating a unique and native landscape.

Arnold is passionate about the outdoors and finding a personal connection to the place he calls home, whether that be the Pacific Northwest, New England, central south Alabama or the deep south of Florida.

He fuses his myriad of life and work experiences into an aesthetic that is playful, expressive, refined and bracketed by a continual need to gain practical knowledge in his field. He draws on inspiration from time spent in the Connecticut countryside, traveling, and creating urban renewal projects and gardens.

His work with the Southern Environmental Center at Birmingham Southern College’s Ecoscape program designing and building sustainable landscapes with a focus on native plants helped shape his aesthetic and problem solving skills while creating community green spaces and protecting wildlife habitat. Arnold is certified in Best Management Practices from the University of Florida.(BMP)

Arnold has explored the intersection of human culture with the natural landscape by receiving both a BFA from University of Connecticut and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans. His experience sculpting large- and small-scale constructions has enabled him to visualize each finished landscape; thereby, creating something extraordinary with each project.

Growing up helping his father dry stack Pennsylvania sandstone by their small lake cottage impressed upon him the value of hard work, attention to detail and the satisfaction of a job well done. He brings this same pragmatic approach to each project and strives to make each his best.

Arnold’s skill set includes native plant consultations, whole site design, hardscape, including custom stone and paver work, entertainment areas including fire pits, as well as drainage,  ponds, rain gardens, meadows, pollinator gardens, kitchen gardens, and landscape lighting.  Additionally, Arnold can provide HOA consultations, designs, and implementation.