Landscape Design & Consultation Services

Landscape DesignExpert & Experienced Designers Create Delightful & Functional Natural Environments

Wilcox Nursery & Landscape offers full-service landscape design for residential, commercial, community and municipal projects. With our depth of collective experience and wealth of reliable resources, we can build a sustainable landscape of any size, to any specifications, to meet your requirements and deliver on your vision.

Complete Consultation & Design Services

Your individual needs and specific project requirements are the focus of our consultation and design services. Our design process and delivery strength includes the capacity to work in sync with your availability and timeline, either at the project site or at our garden center office. You’ll find the process informative, collaborative and rewarding, as we progress through all the design stages to bring your vision to life.

Get an Enduring Landscape Design That Delivers Superior Quality

Our landscape designers work with any environment, condition and location to bring charm and function to your surroundings. We will help you determine the best use for your outdoor living area, with an array of options, based on your lifestyle, needs and preferences. You’ll be delighted to find Florida native plants are an ideal complement to your outdoor space, not just in attractiveness but in the surprising beaconing effect of Florida fauna.

Specializing in Florida Native & Florida Friendly Landscape Designs

Wilcox Nursery & Landscape specializes in native landscapes with a natural and ecological emphasis. Do you know the original habitat characteristics of your property? We do, and we work with nature in your landscape to restore its natural heritage. Native plants, like any, must be selected to match the environmental conditions of your property. Native plants provide an incredible basis for attracting wildlife to your garden, since native flora and fauna evolved in tandem and interdependence.

The Design Process: Informative, Interactive & Delivers On Your Vision

If you are looking for an interactive design company, look no further. Wilcox Nursery & Landscape takes a very hands on approach with each of our clients, serving as your guide throughout the entire design process so you are equipped to take care of your landscape for years to come. We begin with a consultation that includes a survey or plot plan to pull measurements. Our staff takes extensive photos of the project site as we begin our design process. We then review the color custom layout design with you and once the revisions and estimates are approved, we get to work. Wilcox Nursery & Landscape corrects any environment problems that may arise with the upkeep of the landscape and we meet with you to walk through the finished project one or more times, till you become fully familiarized with the upkeep.

How Wilcox Differs From Other Options

Many clients tell us that we are friendly, approachable and very collaborative with our consultation and landscape design projects. We merge our love of Florida’s natural heritage with your vision to deliver landscape designs and installations that are unique, environmentally beneficial and extraordinary to behold.

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Whether you are building a new landscape or are looking to renovate and reinvent your current landscape, we are ready to exceed your expectations. Look no further and get started today by calling us at 727.219.9549 or complete this online request for your design consultation.