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Asiatic Jasmine ('Minima')

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Asiatic Jasmine or Jasmine minima, Trachelospermum asiaticum, is an evergreen creeping groundcover. It is slow to moderate in it's spread. Spacing of creeping groundcovers can be quite variable depending on budget and timeframe desired for growing to a mature fill in. The most commonly used spacing is 24 inch centers, center to center on the plants. Jasmine minima is adapted to full shade to full sun, but must have supplemental irrigation in full sun to partial sun during drought periods. The water requirement is still dramatically less than most lawn grasses. Although Jasmine minima is widely popular, sustainable native groundcovers should be considered for landscape use first. Creeping Groundcovers like lawns, should not be used as a mono-culture in landscapes and can be one of the higher maintenance entities in a landscape plan due to edging requirements to contain the growth and weed control issues. Often a diversity of low growing plants that have limited spread may be better options.

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