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Avocado, Persea americana, is a well known backyard fruit in central and south Florida with commercial groves once existing on the coastal bluffs very close to the nursery. The commercial production is centered in the Homestead area. Avocado originated in Central America and Mexico and was introduced into Florida in the early 1800's. In the 1920's and 1930's, hybridization conducted in Miami brought the development of cultivars important to production.

The trees are medium to large 45 to 70 foot trees. The trees flower in the winter with fruit ripening in summer through the fall, depending on variety. Acocados demand good drainage and will not tolerate 'wet foot'. There are variations in cold hardiness, fruit characteristics, and fruiting season. There are two races of Avocados that may be beneficial to combine for improved pollination, but it is not always necessary. Care should be given to researching which variety is best for your needs.

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