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Black Mangrove 1g

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Black Mangrove, Avicennia germinans, is highly salt tolerant growing in shorelines inundated in salt water in tidal fluctuations. Black Mangrove has pores that noticeably excretes salt onto the leaves. It is distinctive from the other three mangroves by its pneumatophores that protrude upward from the root system well above the soil. The leaves are leathery, dark green with silvery white undersides and the bark is dark grey to black. It is a tree or large shrub that can grow to 30 feet or more producing a canopy with low branches. This is an important for shoreline stabilization and storm surge shelter for coastal systems. It is an important wildlife plant providing shelter for many shoreline species and it is a plant that provides nectar for bees, butterflies (Great Southern White Butterflies) with it's fragrant and attractive white flowers produced in clusters. The honey produced from the flowers of Black mangrove is high quality. It is a larval plant for Mangrove Buckeye butterflies.All Mangroves should be conserved and restored in shorelines and even landscapes for sustaining coastal systems and shelter from storm damage. Plant in tidal zones where the soil is moist to inundated with salt water and in full sun.

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