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'Brodie' Juniper Eastern Red Cedar

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Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginica var. 'Brodie', is a very long lived evergreen. This variety is known for its slender growth habit growing to 25 feet high and 6-8 feet wide. Excellent native alternative to Italian Cypress. The waxy cones are attractors for songbirds. It is drought tolerant and can adapt to many soil types.

An aromatic tree with trunk often angled and buttressed at base and narrow, compact and columnar crown. Its resistant to extremes of drought, heat, and cold. They are fast growing dioecious trees, meaning that their male and female flowers are borne on separate plants. They can grow to 15 feet in 10 years. Red Cedar is popular as a tall screening plant or specimen tree. It is adapted to drained, dry soils, salt air, and cold.

Larval host for the Juniper Hairstreak.

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