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Corkystem Passionvine (P. suberosa)

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Corkystem Passionvine, Passiflora suberosa, is the most common Passionvine growing in Florida. It is very adaptable and can be found growing in filtered light, where Zebra Heliconia (Longwing) butterflies will use it as a host plant, or in full sun where Gulf Fritillary butterflies and Julia butterflies are likely to use it as a host plant. It is the species of Passionvine most likely to provide the host source for these species of butterflies and most of these species of butterflies that we see in our yards, we can thank for this species. It also provides a fruit that is used by birds. It can be trellised or allowed to grow wild on shrubs or trees with management to keep them in check so as not to smoother the plants it is using for support. The foliage is reminiscent of English Ivy with a 3 lobed, dark green leaf. The stems become winged or corky with age, hence the common name.

We discuss the importance of this plant in the landscape setting in our tour of the Green's Native yard below!

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