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Fair Lawn Watering Hose 50ft

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Designed for the typical backyard enthusiast, Swan’s FairLAWN® water hose is a lightweight garden hose for low-water-pressure needs. Its light weight coupled with low PSI make it the best garden hose for accomplishing light-duty gardening tasks with the least amount of effort, such as watering delicate plants and rinsing off garden tools.

This low-water-pressure garden hose is also a great water-saving hose, making the FairLAWN® both economical and environmentally friendly. It features a half-inch inside diameter, which delivers fewer gallons per minute of water, as well as a 250 PSI burst strength, which passes water more slowly through the garden hose.

Three-ply construction with nylon reinforcement supports burst-resistance, while a scuff-resistant jacket helps prevent the FairLAWN® light-duty garden hose from wearing away. It also makes cleaning this garden hose for low pressure easy.

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