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Florida Mayten

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Florida Mayten, Tricerma phyllanthoides, is a state of Florida listed threatened plant that occurs in moist to occasionally inundated soils in coastal Mangrove swamp and coastal Marsh. The plant's natural distribution is southeast Florida and up the west coast on the peninsula. Mayten is adaptable and is quite drought tolerant once established. It tolerates substantial cold and will grow in full sun to light shade. The spring to early summer green bloom is a barely noticeable and star shaped. The growth is very slow and it produces a yellow / orange capsule with a small translucent red aril in May and June that contains four seeds. The foliage is leathery and gray green. It is quite slow growing and reaches 12 to 14 feet as a large and broad shaped shrub or shrubby tree. This is a rare plant, but where it does occur, there are substantial numbers of the plant.

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