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Horizontal Cocoplum

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Horizontal Cocoplum, Chrysobalanus icaco 'Horizontal', also known as coastal or dwarf Cocoplum come from the beach system in the southeastern coast of Florida. Unlike the inland form of this species, Horizontal or Coastal Cocoplum is tolerant of salt air and has a low, broad or horizontal growth habit. This plant can still grow to 5 or 6 feet, but can be reasonably maintained at between knee and waist height. Give this plant plenty of room for it's spread at an easy 5 to 6 foot width. Horizontal Cocoplum has round leathery leaves on gracefully arching branches. The flowers are small creme colored blooms that are not particularly noticeable in late spring. The white with pink blush fruit is edible and attractive on the plant. All Cocoplums are tolerant of full sun to shade and are drought, salt, wind, and poor soil tolerant. Cocoplum's down side is that it is quite sensitive to frost and readily burns back with cold. Use Horizontal Cocoplum in cold sheltered locations in beach front or any other landscape that a low, graceful, and rich looking shrub is desired.

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