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Limber Caper

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Limber Caper, Capparis flexuosa, is a clambering shrub or climbing woody vine to 16 feet in height. Its leathery, deep green leaves grow 2-4 inches long, sometimes longer. It has showy, spidery, fragrant flowers that open white and turn lavender pink giving the flowering a unique two tone effect. It's fruit is a green capsule that splits open to expose white seeds embedded in scarlet pulp, giving this plant another common name, 'False Teeth Plant', and gives this plant a unique ornamental quality. The flowers are attractive to a variety of pollinators, including butterflies and birds use the seeds. Limber Caper can be used as an interesting large shrub or espalier in the landscape. Limber Caper is tolerant of moist to average, well drained soil in sun or partial sun. This is a larval plant for Great Southern White Butterfly and Florida White Butterfly.

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