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The main ingredient in dunks and bits is Bacillus thurengiensis israelensis (Bti), the larvae of mosquitoes, black fly and fungus gnats die after consuming the bacteria. It causes a disease specific to these species but is harmless to all other forms of wildlife. Mosquito Dunks and Bits kill mosquitoes for 30 days or longer when placed in standing water outdoors.

Dunks will float in water and can be anchored with string to prevent them from being washed away. Alternate drying and wetting does not reduce their effectiveness. Use 1 dunk per 100 sq. ft. of infested water.

Quick Kill Mosquito Bits can be applied to container plant soils, catchment trays or other water collecting areas. To apply, broadcast 1 tsp. per 25 sq. ft. or 1 Tbs. per 75 sq. ft. every 2 weeks during mosquito season.

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