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Maryland Golden Aster

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Florida has 11 native Goldenaster species, eight of which are endemic; several are listed by the state as rare or endangered. Maryland Goldenaster, Chrysopsis mariana is found in pinelands, sandhills and sandy roadsides. Native butterflies, as well as a variety of native long-tongued bees — including green metallic, sweat, leafcutter, bumble and mining bees — are attracted to the plant’s nectar. The flowers bloom in spring, summer and fall. It grows up to 18" tall (when in bloom), otherwise growing low to the ground. It prefers full sun and dry to moist, well-drained sandy soils. Use Maryland goldenaster in mixed wildflower and bunchgrass settings or in small masses that will attract the eye when in bloom. Its compact shape and tips covered with blooms make it a desirable landscape plant.

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