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Necklace Pod (S. tomentosa tuncata)

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Necklace Pod, Sophora tomentosa var. truncata, is an evergreen, coastal shrub with arching stems and branches that hold long compound leaves, creating a soft lacy textured plant. The 8-16 inch spires of showy yellow flowers are racemes arcing off the branch tips and can be produced almost any month of the year. This shrub is hardy to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and is very drought and poor soil tolerant. Additionally, it grows quickly and is very salt tolerant and tolerant of short periods of salt water flooding. The flowers attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and warblers. The seed pods produced after the blooms, becomes a brown 6 to 8 inch pod constricted between seeds creating the appear of a necklace, hence the common name. Native Necklace Pod should not be confused with the Texas Necklace Pod variety that has white hairs on the leaves giving them a silvery colored appearance. Host plant for Broom Moths and occasionally Sulfur Butterflies.

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