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*Pictures and descriptions are courtesy of Nightshift Wax Candle Co.* *Descriptions of each scent is below.*

Launched in 2017 out of owner Samantha Cipriani's little home in St. Petersburg, Florida. After suffering from many allergies caused from mass-produced home + body fragrances she set out to create a product that was hypoallergenic and plant-based. Upon receiving a certification in perfumery she began formulating scents for natural soy candles and personal fragrance products.

Nightshift has a strong mission to be able to provide a clean and safe product for the home and body. Never tested on animals, always cruelty-free + non-toxic.

Nightshift is woman-owned, queer ran and a safe space. Our candle and perfume collections are both inspired by the natural beauty in our planet and cherished memories. Each fragrance created to set any mood and transport you into a relaxed and cozy vibe! We use only domestically grown soy wax, premium grade perfume oils and natural cotton braided wicks in our candles to ensure our products are clean-burning, safe and better for the environment. We take pride in our products and ethically source each ingredient in our skincare line as well, each recipe is formulated by us and tested on humans - never animals! Now certified cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny!

Black Amber & Lavender- A sweet and delicate harmony of floral notes and musk smooth, sultry and luxurious. The perfect balance of sweet + musky notes. Scent Profile: Top: Amber, black myrrh + tonka bean. Middle: Tobacco, lavender + vanilla. Base: Clary sage + Egyptian musk.

Forest Walker- This luxury aroma transports you into an evergreen forest evoking memories of cool walks through lush forest. Scent Profile Top: Cypress, bayberry, mint + moss Middle: incense, cedar + evergreen Base: fir balsam, oud, spruce + eucalyptus

Gardenia- The perfect spring scent, blooming with floral + soft gardenia flowers. Scent Profile: Top: lily, musk + black jasmine Middle: gardenia, fig + oud Base: peony + aloe vera

St.Pete- Inspired by our beautiful sunny city - St. Petersburg, FL. Imagine the tropical smell of the air after a long swim, with the scent of suntan lotion still clinging to your skin. With lovely fragrance notes of creamy coconut, fresh mandarin, sandalwood, and Tahitian gardenia petals. A vacation in a bottle, any day every day.

Rose Garden- A beautiful fragrance of fresh cut roses. Perfect for any flower lover - bringing the rose garden into your home. Scent Profile Top: rose, geranium + green lily. Middle: fern + golden rose. Base: marigold + musk.

Night Drive- Cool air coming in through the cracked window, driving by flower fields + desert canyons. Scent Profile: Top: Bergamot, cucumber water + pavement Middle: Leather, violet + jasmine flower Base: Cashmere, musk + oud

Coco Santal- Inspired by our tropical home state of sunny Florida. Sit back, relax, and drift away to a warm, sunny beach edged by turquoise blue water and the gentle rush of waves. Scent Profile: Top: Coconut water, coconut, amyris + musk Middle: Sandalwood, cedar + coconut milk Base: Amber, driftwood, sea salt + tonka

Green Fig & Vetiver- Delicate + earthy with hints of tart citrus. Imagine walking through a redwood forest filled bursting with crisp fragrances from cedar + fir with hints of fig in the air. Scent Profile Top: grapefruit + cassis. Middle: vetiver, fig + jasmine. Bottom: cedarwood, musk + amber.

Eucalyptus and Moss- A delicate + herbal scent of fresh eucalyptus + moss. Lime + vetiver blend together with just a hint of unripe fig and jasmine. A perfect bedroom candle or bath addition that will transport you to the forest. Scent Profile: Top: eucalyptus + lavender Middle: lime + vetiver Bottom: moss, green fig + jasmine.

Willow and Ivy- Inspired by dew-soaked walked through the garden in France. This complex and green aroma has notes of sparkling cassis, pink grapefruit, bergamot, and lily of the valley. Scent Profile: Top: Cassis, pink grapefruit, bergamot + ivy Middle: Lily of the valley, tulip + willow Base: Musk, violet, night-shade.

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