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Now is the Time for Trees Lambe

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Trees and forests are the number one nature-based solution for reversing the negative effects of a changing climate. If ever there was a time to be planting trees, that time is now. If ever there was a moment to engage in and become a part of the positive and inspiring solution of tree planting, that time is now. Now is truly the time for trees.

In this book, experts at the Arbor Day Foundation will inspire you to do your part by showing you everything you need to know to plant trees at home or in your community. From advice on choosing the right size and type of tree to tried-and-true tips for planting success, Now is the Time for Trees will help you plant a tree today and leave your own legacy of hope.

216 pages, complete with full-color photos and instructional illustrations.

“Author Dan Lambe, president since 2014 of the 50-year-old Arbor Day Foundation, and Seattle Times garden columnist Lorene Edwards Forkner celebrate the power of trees to oxygenate the planet, purify water and air, lower city temperatures, provide habitat, nurture the soul, and provide essential food sources… The book offers ample information on the basics of procuring and planting a tree… Recommended especially for garden collections with a strong native-plant counterbalance.”

- Alan Moore

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