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Redberry Stopper

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Redberry Stopper, Eugenia confusa, is a rare stopper listed as Endangered by the state of Florida from the southeast area of the state. Like it's close relatives, it is a very upright shaped, large ornamental bush or small tree to 20 feet or more. It is very slow growing. Redberry Stopper is distinctive from it's relatives with the foliage having a 'tear drop' shaped leaf tip. The small spidery flowers are fragrant and attractive. The flowers are followed by small but attractive red berries. Birds use the small berries. This plant is somewhat drought tolerant once establishes. Plant it in moist to average conditions in full sun to partial shade. It is tolerant of salt air in wind sheltered locations. It is a great ornamental and bird friendly plant for screening or specimen effect in areas where a narrow growing plant is desired, but is a great specimen plant for all areas that are nearly frost free.

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