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Shiny Coffee (P. nervosa)

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Shiny Coffee, Psychotria nervosa, grows 4-8 ft. in height in the larger forms, there are central and north central Florida populations that grow in miniature to dwarf sizes. One such dwarf plant is patented as a cultivar known as 'Little Psycho'. This plant is a highly attractive shade loving shrub with shiny, deep green leaves. Its flowers are small, creme colored in the spring and have a pleasant woodland musk aroma. Its fruit is a red drupe that is bore in the fall and winter. The flowers and fruit are attractive to pollinators, including our state butterfly, Zebra Heliconia, as well as songbirds. Native coffee plants need moist conditions. This is a plant that should be in every shade garden in south and central Florida.

Check out our video on Shiny and Softleaf Coffee below!

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