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Simpson Stopper (Simpson's Stopper)

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Simpson Stopper, Myrcianthes fragrans, is a shrub or small tree growing 8-20 ft. in height. It has a narrow crown from small, erect branches. Its leaves are somewhat shiny above, about 1-2 1/2 inches long, with many glandular dots, aromatic when crushed. It requires full sun to light shade and can be used as an accent or specimen shrub or small tree as well as buffer plantings. The small spidery flowers are attractive and fragrant during the spring and early summer. The flowers attract a diversity of pollinators including butterflies. The showy orange-red fruit is edible and especially attractive to songbirds. The red peeling bark adds an great ornamental quality. This is one of the finest shrubs or small ornamental and wildlife attracting trees for any landscape!

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