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Slash Pine

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South Florida Slash Pine, Pinus elliottii var. densa, is typically 60 to 75 feet in height. It is a large tree with an open, broadly conical crown. Its needles are in bundles of 2's or 3's and are 7-12 inches long, dark green and shiny. It requires full sun and can be used a specimen tree or in groupings in residential, commercial landscapes, or for naturalized landscapes. They are fast growing and create a canopy open enough for many other understory plants to successfully grow under them. The needles provide an excellent 'gold standard' mulch and the cones provide for for wildlife. Pines are a strong sense of place tree in Florida as well as a cornerstone plant in the ecology of the state and should be planted more commonly to replace its dwindling presence in the landscape. Slash Pine is salt air tolerant and is an easy growing, adaptable signature tree to a variety of soil and moisture

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