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Yaupon Holly

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Yaupon Holly, Ilex vomitoria, will grow up to 20 feet high. Female plants produce prodigious amounts of bright red, persistent berries. The ornamental twigs with small, shiny, gray-green leaves and numerous red berries have been used as holiday decorations and make cheerful accents in the landscape. The small white blooms are not showy but attract incredible numbers of pollinators. This is a small tree or large bush with pruning. Birds are very attracted to the berries. Use this small tree or large shrub in partial sun to full sun and in moist to dry, drained soil. It is a popular and hardy plant for mixed borders or as a specimen tree or shrub. Yaupon leaves contain caffeine and was used by native Americans to produce a tea that is now gaining popularity for its tasty flavor. There are several cultivars available, including the popular "Schillings" dwarf variety, which are male plants and a popular weeping form from Virginia.

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