Jared Freed


Landscape Designer

Born and raised in Pinellas County, Jared has always been enamored by Florida’s natural beauty. Spending many years camping along coasts, in pine woodlands, and by freshwater springs, he garnered an eye for local biodiversity. In his youth, he dabbled in different art forms, though his main interests focused on digital design, often spending hours designing spaces in virtual simulations.


Not anticipating a career in design, Jared studied Cybersecurity in high school. Finding code wasn’t up his alley, he sought out more direct life experiences. Applying and being accepted to a scholarship exchange program, he found himself spending a year in Germany at a local school for his senior year. This led him to complete his undergraduate in Europe across the border in The Netherlands. Whilst completing his Business Administration degree at the University of Amsterdam, Jared came home during the breaks, discovering that the lack of biodiversity in Europe had made him homesick. Looking for a breakaway from nature, he decided to study Agrifood Systems as a minor at a top agricultural university and learned about plant and soil interaction. That was the path that set him on his quest to rebuild ecosystems.

Jaclyne Ingersoll

Jared graduated and came back home in the bleak, quarantined summer of 2020. Looking for a job related to plants, he found himself working as a landscaper for Wise Hands, a new company focused on Florida Native Plants. Eager to learn, he sought out the names of every plant he came across and took note of each plant’s growth habits. Through his experience there, he met fellow Wilcox Designer Paul Meyers and took up an apprenticeship with him to learn digital landscape design. Quickly, Jared rushed to test out his design abilities in the field and began designing professionally in just a few months.


Joining Wilcox himself as a designer just a couple of years later, he expanded his knowledge and skill set with several qualifications. He recently became an FNGLA Certified Horticultural Professional and is in the process of becoming a FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer, as well as a Florida Master Naturalist through the University of Florida. His experience in both maintenance and design has allowed him to be innovative, yet precise with his plant selection. With a trained eye for CAD Design and drafting, he takes care to increase native biodiversity while maintaining a balance in the landscape. Managing numerous projects on-site, he is confident in making his and his clients’ visions come to life.


When Jared isn’t out on the field, he still finds himself wandering through nature preserves and parks – or foraging for natural delicacies! His passion at home is cooking, and always finds a reason to make authentic cuisines from across the globe.

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