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Elderberry, Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis, is a deciduous to semi-evergreen, multi-stem, large bush or small tree to 16 feet. It is loose and graceful with compound leaves that give the plant a lacy texture. Flowers are attractive flat headed clusters of fragrant, small, white flowers. Flowers attract many pollinators. The edible fruit, which are poisonous raw, are bore in clusters hanging at branch terminals and are dark purple. The cooked fruit is used for jams, syrup, and wine and many provides many health benefits. The twigs are used as blow guns and whistles.It has a natural distribution throughout most of Florida and much of North America. The fruit is highly attractive to a large diversity of songbirds. This is a naturalistic plant that colonizes and requires careful commitment to adequate space and where it is planted. This is an adaptable plant tolerates flooding and moist to average soil. Plant in partial sun to full sun to get flowers and fruit. Cutting Elderberry to the ground occasionally can keep it thrifty and productive.

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