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Fakahatchee Grass

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Fakahatchee Grass, Tripsacum dactyloides, also known as Eastern Gamagrass, is usually 3 to 4 ft. in height with a wide 4 foot or more spread. The plant is a clumping perennial grass that is uniquely adapted to sun or bright shade. Deer eat the segmented seeds of this plant as do songbirds. It has many wildlife benefits including being a host plant for various Satyr and Skipper butterflies. Fakahatchee Grass likes moist to wet conditions, but can adapt to average conditions, especially in reduced sun exposure. The leaf blades are wide with a blue-green coloring and the dangling maroon flowers on spikes held just above the foliage are an understated charm in late spring and early summer. This grass in particular, adds a softness with soothing movement from even slight breezes, and breaks up the stiff lines of other plants in the landscape. This is a bold and popular ornamental native grass used in many landscape applications. Endangered species in the state of Florida.

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