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Florida Thatch Palm

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Florida Thatch Palm also known as Green Thatch Palm,Thrinax radiata, grows up to 30 ft. in frost free areas. Its palmate leaves are broad, fan-shaped, yellowish-green, and about 2-3 ft. in diameter. It has small white, fragrant, and collectively showy flowers on a long stalk and its fruit is a round white drupe which also adds an ornamental element to the species. This is the fastest growing of the Thatch Palms, but the most cold sensitive as well. It is a very graceful palm that is very durable in harsh, sunny, windy, drought, and salt exposed locations. It is a great small palm for warm coastal locations and small spaces. It can be a good container plant. As with all native palms, this species provides a variety of ecological benefits from pollinators to birds.

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