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Jamaican Caper

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Jamaican Caper, Quadrella jamaicensis, is a tropical and highly ornamental, broadleaf evergreen large shrub or small tree. Jamaican Caper has thick, dark, leathery leaves with a rich brown pubescence on the younger stems that gives the plant an extraordinarily ornamental quality. It grows in an upright shape, or sometimes oval, and is adapted to full to partial sun. It is quite drought and salt tolerant, but slow growing in its early stage of growth. The exotic spidery flowers in May and June are very fragrant and attract many pollinators including butterflies. The flowers open white the first day and turn light pink-lavender the next day giving a bi-color effect. In late summer and early fall, its brown pods open to reveal striking vermilion coloring backing up the dark seeds, again providing yet another incredible feature of this species. Birds use the small hard seeds. Use this as a coastal adapted specimen, feature shrub or small tree in the landscape.

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