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Royal Palm

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Royal Palm (Roystonea regia) an iconic palm of south Florida and the Caribbean, can reach over 80 ft. tall, a very large native palm has pinnate leaves 9 ft. long or longer. The long, smooth, green sheathing leaf bases and the straight, pale-gray trunk, that usually bulges at the base, are distinctive. The creme colored flowers produced on large inflorescence are somewhat dramatic and buzz with pollinator activity. The small reddish-purple fruit supply many birds with a source of food. Royal Palm needs to be carefully placed because of its size and the fact that its large heavy leaves can cause injury or damage anything below its lofty drop from the head of the 'self cleaning' palm. This is a stately palm that is moderately salt air tolerant and likes moist conditions when young and becoming more drought tolerant with age. It grows quickly and needs to be used in nearly frost free areas.

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