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Softleaf Coffee

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Soft Leaf Coffee, Psychotria tenufolia, grows 3-5 ft. in height. It is a medium size native shrub with dull green leaves that reflect a metallic sheen when light hits the leaf. Its flowers are small and creme colored and not particularly showy but adds interest just the same and supports pollinators. Its fruit is a red, orange, or yellow drupe that birds use as a food source and adds a nice ornament to the plant. This is one of two species of wild coffee that naturally occurs in central Florida and one of three that are native to Florida. All wild coffees thrive in shade and will tolerate some sun in moist locations. Like other native coffee plants, this one is highly attractive to pollinators, especially our Florida state butterfly, Zebra Heliconia.

Check out our video on Shiny and Soft Leaf Coffee below!

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