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Southern Red Cedar

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Southern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginica var. silicicola, is a very long lived evergreen that usually grows 35-50 feet but can reach 60 feet. An aromatic tree with trunk often angled and buttressed at base and narrow, compact and columnar crown, eventually becoming spreading. Its resistant to extremes of drought, heat, and cold. They are fast growing dioecious trees, meaning that their male and female flowers are borne on separate plants. The waxy berry like cones are attractors for songbirds and Red Cedar supports and shelters a large range of wildlife. Red Cedar is popular as a tall screening plant or specimen tree. It is adapted to drained, dry soils, salt air, and cold. Larval host for the Sweadener's Juniper Hairstreak.

Check out our video on Southern Red Cedars below!

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