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Strangler Fig

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Strangler Fig, Ficus aurea, is the most widely distributed native fig in Florida naturally occurring throughout warm parts of central and south Florida. It is a large tree with aerial roots and secondary trunks with smooth tan or gray bark. The leaves are large 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. The species is know for often starting it's life as an epiphyte on other trees, especially Cabbage Palm. They eventually over take their host plant becoming their own entity as a large heavily rooted tree. Strangler Fig is a tree that should be planted in large properties only, well away from structures or underground utilities. The flowers are borne inside of the fig and are thus inconspicuous. They produce a red or yellow fig (fruit) that is used readily by birds. It is a larval plant for Ruddy Daggerwing butterflies (south Florida) and Fig Sphinx Moth.

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