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Wax Myrtle

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Wax Myrtle, Myrica cerifera, is a dense, multi-trunked, fast growing evergreen shrub or small tree. It can reach up to 20 ft. or more in height. and it grows quite broad. Give it plenty of room for its spread. There both standard and dwarf types available. The light olive-green foliage has a very pleasant Bayberry fragrance.. This is a common native plant that is popular in landscape because of its density and hardiness as a screening plant and it is great for attracting a diversity of birds. For birds it is a shelter plant and a source of food from the tiny waxy berries on the female plants. Birds from the smallest to larger species relish the tiny berry! It is salt air tolerant and able to tolerate short periods of salt water flooding. Plant in moist to average soil in partial to full sun and be sure to keep Wax Myrtle moist until it has a had a couple of months of establishment to become self sufficient. Be sure to have female and male plants so they will produce berries!

Check out our video on Wax Myrtles below!

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