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White Indigoberry

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White Indigoberry, Randia aculeata, grows to 6-9 ft. in height without pruning. It is a size medium shrub. Its leaves are glossy, from 1/2 to 2 inches in length. It is a variable species with upright or horizontal growth forms and some specimen are lightly spiny and others less so. Its flowers are small white star shaped flowers which add a subtle charm to the plant. The fruit is a dull white berry with indigo colored pulp. Butterflies and other pollinators visit the flowers and songbirds love the fruit on the female plants. This is a very tough plant that grows in harsh sunny locations and shady understory. It is salt air tolerant. White Indigoberry is great for wildlife gardeners and can be used for foundation planting or any sandy soil in moist to dry locations.

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