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Dive into Natives: Grasses

Grasses offer unique, soft textures into the landscape to break up the stiff foliage of shrubs and other plants in the landscape. Not only do they pair well in groupings with wildflowers, but they offer unique benefits to wildlife in the form of habitat or seeds. Some grasses also bloom and offer seasonal color in […]

Florida Native Nursery Tour – Cypress

Welcome to Wilcox Nursery and Landscape. I’m Bruce Turley, the owner, and this is where we are focused on native plants and sustainable products and practices. We’re going to be talking about native plants and identifying and getting you familiar with some of our native plants. So we’re going to do a segment where we […]

How to Cook with Florida Native Plants Webinar

Want to know how to incorporate native plants into your next meal? Join Davis as he talks about different seasonal Summer natives and how they can be used in everyday cuisine. From Beautyberries to Elderberries, Florida Betony and Creeping Cucumber, we’ll discuss some of the easiest and tastiest natives to be growing, as well as […]