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Stormscaping – Getting Ready for Hurricane Season

Florida sees a lot of severe weather; especially from June 1 – November 30.  Whether it is storms, winds, hail or hurricanes Florida braces for it during these 6 months. According to Robert Garcia, the National Weather Service meteorologist, Florida reportedly experiences the highest frequency of tornadoes per square mile in the US. Natural disasters […]

Sally McConnell Project

Landscape Designer –  Bruce Turley  Location – St. Petersburg (but it is in the Madeira Beach / Seminole area) Sally wanted to eliminate lawn and existing and extensive non-native plantings and trees and attract a range of wildlife from pollinators including butterflies to songbirds. We ended with a progressive design and installation project that started with […]

How To Develop A Florida Native Landscape Design

Native landscaping as a sustainable practice provides for lower maintenance with reduced inputs such as pruning, fertilizer, water, and pesticide use. It may be as easy as replacing high input lawn areas or shifting your mindset to attract, conserve and sustain wildlife and provide a sense of place, the ‘REAL FLORIDA’. A more natural landscape […]