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Where Do Caterpillars Go In The Winter?

If you have ever noticed a lack of caterpillars in your garden during the winter months, you are not alone. Many people wonder why caterpillars seem to disappear during the colder months, and there are a few key reasons for this. Limited food sources: One of the main...

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Improving Mental Health Through Gardening

Top Four Ways Gardening Improves Mental Health  Amongst many other treatments, activities, and connections, gardening has been shown (1) to have a number of mental health benefits. Anecdotally, I always find that working with my hands and caring for a living thing to...

Gardening For Birds

Gardening For Birds

Gardening for Birds using Florida Native Plants To attract birds to your yard, think about creating a habitat with food, shelter, and water to meet the needs of both nesting and migratory birds. Building an ecosystem rich with plant and animal life will attract a...