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Dive into Natives: Small Trees

During this series we will be taking an in-depth look a diversity of plants of different categories for your landscape. The plants covered in these videos do well in our area in Central Florida, but have been chosen to be the most applicable to other parts of the state as well. Trees are something that […]

Florida Native Plants: The Indestructible Coontie

This plant hearkens back to prehistoric times as the only cycad native to North America. The Coontie is a nearly indestructible plant that you can put almost anywhere. So Zamia integrifolia, also known as the Coontie is a slow-growing evergreen pom like shrub that grows about three to four feet tall and about three to […]

Florida Native Plant Profile: Climbing Aster

Presented by: Davis Byrkit Hey guys, welcome back to Wilcox Nursery. So today we’re going to talk about one of our most prolific fall-blooming wildflowers. This stuff is called Climbing Aster. It’s Symphyotrichum carolinianum. This one is a mounding wildflower, so it will either grow kind of on itself, kind of mound a little bit, […]