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Florida Friendly Living Christmas Trees and Other Holiday Plants

by | Nov 30, 2019 | Native Plants

The weather in Florida is what we Floridians would consider appropriately chilly now to remind us that Christmas is almost here. Christmas is all about having fun together with the family and making memories for a lifetime. Christmas trees are a huge part of the seasonal celebrations and tradition. But have you thought of getting a living Christmas tree that you can enjoy indoors during the holidays and plant outdoors in the landscape to enjoy its flowers, fruits and greenery throughout the year.

Have A Greener Christmas with Living Christmas Trees

It could take 10 years for a Christmas tree to reach full maturity.  Wouldn’t it be such a waste to cut down a tree just to hang a few ornaments and lights for a week or so? Even if some city councils do recycle trees after the holidays, just the sight of hundreds of dried-up tress on the curb in January, is depressing.  Think of the environmental impact you would be making by bringing home a live potted tree instead this winter.   After you pack up your Christmas tree decorations and lights, you can plant the tree in the ground again or gift it to someone else to plant it in their yard.

Tis the season to be jolly and we at Wilcox Nursery encourage you to buy a living Christmas tree in a pot and think of gifting someone beautiful plant life! When you pick a living Christmas tree for your home, make sure it is native to your region so that it can survive for many years to come once it’s replanted. Trees often grow to 40- to 60-feet high, so when you are picking a tree, remember that it’s mature size should fit in your landscape.  You can select from a variety of Florida-friendly native living plants including-

  • Southern Red Cedar
  • Slash Pine
  • Longleaf Pine
  • Dahoon Holly
  • Eagleston Holly

You should ideally purchase the tree a week or more ahead of time so that you can give it time to acclimate to lower light conditions indoors by keeping it in a shady location before you move it in. And keep the tree inside for only 7-10 days before taking it outside after the holidays to give it time to readjust before planting it. While it’s inside, water your tree like you would any potted plant but don’t flood it, and once your tree has been planted in the landscape, you should regularly water it until it’s well established.

The Joy Of Gifting Traditional Plants

Plants are an enjoyable addition to any home during Christmas time and they make great gifts too.  After all this gift will be enjoyed long after the season is over. There are a large variety of small potted plants you can choose from Wilcox Nursery to gift.  To add cheerful and festive color to your home, you can buy small potted rosemary, or holly plants. Pines or cedars can be gifted as a miniature holiday tree. Or maybe consider the beautiful flower- bearing Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, reindeer philodendron, orchids, various hanging baskets and other gift items? For many people, Christmas just isn’t complete without festive poinsettia in the home.

Make sure to put your potted plant in bright indirect light, away from drafts, vents and radiators. Water the plant thoroughly and let it drain, every few days so that it doesn’t get too dry. With proper care, gift plants will brighten your home for years to come.

Think green and be Florida-friendly!

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