Drought-Tolerant Plants For Your Florida Native Landscape

As in nature, so also in gardens and commercial landscapes, water is a crucial factor for plant growth. The absence of adequate rainfall or irrigation for a period of time can lead to drought stress, which can reduce plant growth. Drought stress happens when water loss from the plant far exceeds the ability of the […]

Florida Native Plants – How To Grow And Care For Coontie

The Coontie is real special because it is Florida’s only native cycad. Cycads are considered among the most ancient of all plants and are often referred to as living fossils. The cycad plant family is often confused with palms and ferns but they all have a central trunk topped with a whorl of leaves. But […]

Risk Plants for Cold Weather

It’s important to know which plants are at risk during frosty or freezing weather.  Check out this infograhpic for more information to see if your plants are at risk.  

Planting Guide For Fakahatchee Grass – Florida Native

Fakahatchee Grass (tripsacum dactyloides), alternately also referred to as Eastern Gamagrass, is an extremely popular Florida native ornamental grass. This grass is evergreen in sub-tropical areas and has bright green blades with a serrated edge. They grow in rounded clumps reaching 5-6 feet in height and 4-6 feet wide in Florida. There is also a […]

Benefits Of Planting Cold-Hardy Plants

As temperatures drop this winter, homeowners have to be aware of the impact frost will have on their garden plants. The cold weather can be a major problem as it affects plant growth and damages tender plants. But the winter weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying different blooms and foliage colors in your garden.

Florida Friendly Living Christmas Trees and Other Holiday Plants

The weather in Florida is what we Floridians would consider appropriately chilly now to remind us that Christmas is almost here. Christmas is all about having fun together with the family and making memories for a lifetime. Christmas trees are a huge part of the seasonal celebrations and tradition. But have you thought of getting […]


Now that it is starting to sink in, I am realizing the yard looks like no other in this area. I feel like I am driving into a beach park when I get home. And that's before I see the back yard. That is exactly the feeling I was hoping for. And the plants are still babies! Thank you again so much, with Jason's contribution, for the stunning design, and to Jason, Ky and Alex for its implementation. I couldn't be happier.
Rick S.
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