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The Native Plant Horticulture Foundation

This week in Wilcox’s blog post we’d like to shed a little bit of light on an amazing organization that we are proud to be a part of. Native Plant Horticulture Foundation The Native Plant Horticulture Foundation was founded as an offshoot of FANN which you may know as the Florida Association of Native Nurseries. […]

Florida Native Plants: The Florida Privet

Florida privet or Forestiera segregata is a wildlife attracting superstar. So Florida privet can grow about 10 to 15 feet tall and eight to 10 feet wide, will grow in full sun to part shade and is salt and drought tolerant. It flowers all year round with a peak in late winter or early spring […]

Florida Native Plants: The Indestructible Coontie

This plant hearkens back to prehistoric times as the only cycad native to North America. The Coontie is a nearly indestructible plant that you can put almost anywhere. So Zamia integrifolia, also known as the Coontie is a slow-growing evergreen pom like shrub that grows about three to four feet tall and about three to […]