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Florida Native Plant Profile: Climbing Aster

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Native Plants

Presented by: Davis Byrkit

Hey guys, welcome back to Wilcox Nursery.

So today we’re going to talk about one of our most prolific fall-blooming wildflowers. This stuff is called Climbing Aster. It’s Symphyotrichum carolinianum. This one is a mounding wildflower, so it will either grow kind of on itself, kind of mound a little bit, or look for something to crawl on.

Here in this bog garden, we’ve got it planted right behind one of our big rock fountains there. So it’s got a little bit of structure to pull from. But as it’s planted in here, it wants a wet soil, wants a moist soil. So it does want sun to keep up this propensity of blooms, but it does want a moisture soil to really thrive.

So this is fantastic for all of your different native pollinators. We’ve got stuff like sweat bees and bumblebees and, and all the other ones that’ll come and pollinate these guys.

But you can just see the crazy amount of blooms that this thing produces. It’s absolutely breathtaking in the fall. It’s one of the best ones that we can have towards this part of the year when a lot of things are going dormant. So it’s definitely one of the ones that we like to promote now. It’s very easy to grow, granted you’ve got the right spot.

Even putting on like an arbor, you can get it to grow kind of over a canopy, a seating area, something like that, whatever you’ve got to support it,  it does fantastic. Or if you’ve got an area that’s close to the water, kind of the edges of a pond or something, they’ll do fantastic there. So yeah, just giving you a little bit of insight. This is one that’ll help keep some color a unique shape towards the back end of the year.

So thank you guys again for watching one of our plant profiles. Be sure to hit that subscribe button, the like button, leave a comment down below.

 Let us know any plants that you guys want us to talk about in the future. And we’ll see you guys next time.

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