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How and Why To Use Native Plants for Landscaping

by | Jul 12, 2018 | On Our Planterbox

Every day more people are choosing native plants when landscaping because it creates a more sustainable space. Since native plants thrive where they’re planted, there is no need for pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. And, native landscaping better manages storm water, reduces maintenance, and promotes plant and wildlife conservation.

Planting Considerations

  • Use drought-resistant plants. In general, these plants have leaves which are small, thick, glossy, silver-grey or fuzzy – all characteristics which help them save water.
  • Select plants for their ultimate size. This reduces pruning maintenance.
  • For hot, dry areas with south and west exposure, use plants which need only a minimum of water.
  • Along north and east-facing slopes and walls, choose plants that like more moisture.
  • Most importantly, don’t mix plants with high- and low-watering needs in the same planting area.
  • Trees help to reduce evaporation by blocking wind and shading the soil.
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