After trees, properly selected & positioned shrubs define your outdoor space. Our well-informed staff will be glad to help you select the perfect shrubs for your landscape.

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  • Bahama Cassia in clusters of yellow color

    Bahama Cassia

    Senna mexicana var. chapmanii Size: 3 gallon

    Landscape pop with color and clouds of Sulfur Butterflies!

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  • Bahama Coffee

    Bahama Coffee

    Psychotria bahamensis Size: 3 gallon

    Attracts pollinators in the Spring and early Summer

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  • Bay Cedar

    Bay Cedar

    Suriana maritima Size: 3 gallon

    Yellow flowers contrast against the foliage on a unique coastal plant

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  • Beach Tea

    Beach Tea

    Croton punctata Size: 1 gallon

    A uniquely attractive low shrub that loves dry beach conditions

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  • Beautyberry


    Callicarpa americana Size: 3 gallon

    Gorgeous clusters of purple berries in late summer and fall

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  • Bird Pepper

    Bird Pepper

    Capsicum annuum Size: 1 gallon

    Thomas Jefferson was sent seeds of this pretty, dwarf pepper from Texas

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  • Bloodberry


    Cordia globosa Size: 1 gallon

    A great butterfly attractor!

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  • Bloodberry


    Cordia globosa Size: 3 gallon

    A great butterfly attractor!

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  • Buttonbush


    Cephalanthus occidentalis Size: 3 gallon

    Incredibly interesting Pom Pom style flowers attract butterflies and are very fragrant.

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  • Christmasberry


    Lycium carolinianum Size: 3 gallon

    A distinctive coastal plant

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  • Cocoplum close-up of foliage, flowers and early developing fruit


    Chrysobalanus icaco Size: 3 gallon

    Terrific for hedge shrubs or privacy screens

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  • Cocoplum 'Red-tip'

    Cocoplum ‘Red-tip’

    Chrysobalanus icaco Size: 3 gallon

    This is a non-native (Florida) cultivar that has bronze-red new growth that adds ornament to this popular plant

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  • Coral Bean close-up showing red flowers backdropped by attractive foliage

    Coral Bean

    Erythrina herbacea Size: 3 gallon

    Striking red blooms in spring are attractive to hummingbirds

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  • Dwarf Salt Bush

    Dwarf Salt Bush

    Baccharis dioica Size: 3 gallon

    Uniques native shrub with tremendous landscape potential

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  • Dwarf Wax Myrtle

    Dwarf Wax Myrtle

    Myrica cerifera var. pumila Size: 3 gallon

    The berries of this aromatic plant entice songbirds

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  • Elderberry


    Sambucus canadensis Size: 3 gallon

    Pretty blooms, useful fruit, wildlife friendly

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  • Fiddlewood overview in a coastal landscape


    Citharexylum spinosum Size: 7 gallon

    Big glossy leaves and fragrant flowers, showy fruit!

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  • Fiddlewood


    Citharexylum spinosum Size: 3 gallon

    The bees, butterflies and birds love the flowers & the fruits of this gorgeous specimen plant!

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  • Firebush


    Hamelia patens Size: 3 gallon

    One of our most colorful and popular native wildlife plants.

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  • Florida Mayten

    Florida Mayten

    Maytenus phyllanthoides Size: 3 gallon

    A rare and unique plant with coastal adaptation!

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